We Believe Family Members Are the Best Caregivers for Their Loved Ones


Structured Family Caregiving (SFC) is a program that helps family members care for their disabled or elderly loved ones at home. It keeps families together by offering financial support to individuals dedicated to providing the vital care their family member needs. Tranquil Home Care is a provider of this innovative program in the state of Georgia. We provide the support and confidence you need to be the caregiver in your home. Participants in our program are assisted by our trained clinical team with extensive experience in the healthcare field.

We'll provide you with:

Personalized care plan developed for your loved one

Professional Health Coaching to help you understand and manage your loved one’s needs

A tax-free financial stipend

Useful resources, care tips, and ongoing clinical support

Our secure mobile app to connect you with our care team

Peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being well cared for at home by loved ones.

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To Qualify:

You must live with the family member and be willing to provide the 24/7 care and assistance that's needed.

Be related biologically, such as a daughter, son, grandchild, aunt, cousin, etc. or be related through marriage as a daughter-in-law, son-in-law, or similar. (Please note that spouses of participants or legal guardians are not eligible for compensation through this program.)

Your family member must be receiving or be eligible for Georgia Medicaid - We can assist with the application, but they must meet eligibility requirements under the Elderly Disabled Waiver Program.

Daily Stipend
Paid Weekly

24/7 Support From Our Clinical Team

Secure App To Document Care and Reach Our Team

Peace of Mind Caring for Your Loved One At Home